G'day from the team!

We're a group of colleagues and friends who are passionate about tech and education.

We've worked for some of the biggest banks and tech companies around the world, and we've packaged up everything we know to help empower the next generation of money-savvy adults: your kids

Reji Eapen
Reji is one part of the brains behind Pennybox. Lover of all things finance, education, entrepreneurship and tech. Before Pennybox, Reji was a finance analyst at Bank of America Merrill Lynch and UBS.

Reji was inspired to create Pennybox after witnessing his own family hurt by a lack of personal finance knowledge. Reji's based in Sydney, Australia.
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Jaye Clissold
Jaye is a full-stack Javascript and React Native engineer with 10 years experience working with large multinationals and more recently with NSW Department of Finance in Australia.

Father to a young daughter, he's passionate about financial education for kids using consumer technologies. Jaye's based in Brisbane, Australia.
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Natalia Sourdis
Product Design
Natalia is a seasoned product designer with expertise in mobile user experience design and product strategy.

Natalia's led creative teams at IDEO.org and designed digital products across a variety of sectors like financial inclusion, youth empowerment, and healthcare.
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Robert Watts
Rob heads up partnerships at Pennybox exploring ways to work closely with like-minded groups and companies to improve access to financial education globally.

Rob comes from a banking and finance background and has been helping Aussie start-ups grow for over 5 years.
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Meet our advisors

Gerardo Estaba
Tech Advisor
Gerardo is a seasoned engineer with significant experience working at Rackspace and AWS.

With a deep passion in education and technology, Gerardo advises Pennybox on all things tech related and continuously advocates for improved financial education in the home.
Luke Littlefield
Investor and Director
Luke is a father of two boys and based in Melbourne, Australia, and is a chartered accountant with a serious passionate for financial education.

Luke was previously the CEO of a global digital marketing company and currently an investor and director to Pennybox.
CJ Sreedhar
Youth Advisor
CJ is an expert in early childhood learning and development and currently a research fellow at the National Neuroscience Institute in Singapore.

CJ advises Pennybox on developing and using technology to best impact financial behaviour in kids and youth.

At Pennybox, we know that lots of people grow up without being taught the basics when it comes to managing their personal finances and we want to change that. It's never too early - or too late - to learn, so we want to give kids the practical money skills that will set them up for a healthy financial future.

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