How it works

Pennybox is super simple to use at home with your kids.
At the same time, you're teaching them important financial skills that will last a lifetime.

Add tasks and rewards


As a parent, you set your kids rewards and tasks. You can also set it up to repeat and forget it. Pennybox will remind your kids to complete the tasks and earn their rewards!

Approve completed tasks


As your kids complete tasks, you'll be notified to reward them for it. Reinforce and reward good financial behaviour on a daily basis. Kids won't even realise they're learning!

Monitor their progress


Monitor how your kids are progressing on their financial goals. You can top up money for birthdays or gifts, and remove money when your kids want to buy something.

Download on iOS

Pennybox is totally FREE to download and use.

Families ❤ Pennybox

It brings financial education into the daily family routine

TamaraMum from Australia
"Love it! I'm a mum and financial planner in Australia and I'm recommending Pennybox to all my clients with kids! If only we had something like this growing up!"
PamelaMum from USA
"Thank you Pennybox team! Using this almost every day with our kids who are 8 and 11 and they're coming up with more and more ways to earn money but don't realise they're learning at the same time!"
DarrenDad from UK
"My daughter is now obsessed with earning money and keeping track of it, and we're talking about money with her more than ever, almost every day!"

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