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In the past I knew I had bank accounts and a card to pay for things with but until I received a bank statement in the mail I was unable to make the connection with the money I had actually spent. Technology helps solve this problem.

Remind your kids that they next lump sum payment will only come to them under the condition that they maintain a certain academic standard. Additionally, the agreement, also in written form, can include guidelines for behavior and help around the house. Set specific goals, so there are no misunderstandings later.

Teaching our kids how to grow their wallet and show the results is like planting a seed, watering, utilizing sunshine and watching it grow. Money does not grow on trees, but it is fun to watch your money grow! Just remember to enjoy some ice cream while you are growing your wallet!

A guest post from a father and teacher, Damian M. Idiart Amongst the many hats that I wear, I’m a father and a teacher. “Research your top three choices for post-secondary education and answer the following questions…” These were the instructions that my Career Exploration students at my online public charter high school were given

How did I get through thirteen years of schooling without knowing how to do tax? Honestly, I have spent majority of my life in school, doing high level mathematics, and when my tax invoice came in the mail I was in the dark. Me: This is why I want to get Pennybox out there, so

Pennybox was founded by good friends Reji Eapen and Adam Naor with a simple yet audacious goal: educate kids and families about money and make our users more financially thoughtful and responsible as a result. Before starting Pennybox we spoke with hundreds of parents and asked the following questions: do you teach your kids about

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