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How might you go about teaching young ones that riches and Financial Freedom are about wanting less things as opposed to accumulating more money? Steven Gilbert provides his insights.

Advice for future generations. Use your new education in money management! Use it well. May you create an abundant and prosperous future for yourself, and may you help others to do the same.

Teenagers are at the height of financial pressure as they start to steer away from their parents and gain financial independence. This can be powerful however, with independence also comes risk especially for those who don’t understand the in’s and out’s of financial literacy. Here are six financial words every teen must know.

My goal is to teach my children that there are many ways to make money and that trading time for money is not the only way to earn. I hope that by educating my children about personal finance, they will be best prepared for the world they will inherit.

We all want the same things for our children; health, independence and happiness. Unfortunately without a sound fiscal understanding of how the world works, this can risk one, if not all these things.

For many Singaporean millennials, money education is not part and parcel of life, it takes years to learn through practice. What took me 20 years to learn — about how to earn, save, and invest money — could have been taught in far less time with today’s technology.

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