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Our parents can be our greatest teachers. They can teach us everything from manners to cooking to a variety of other skills. One thing they will need help teaching, however, is something that themselves have not mastered. Many adults are not financially literate, which makes it harder for them to be role models in this domain. Technology can help solve this problem.

I enjoy the security and freedom that comes from managing my money and the feeling that I am taking charge of my own future. Although it is never too late to learn, it would be incredibly beneficial to start educating children at an early age. I am incredibly grateful that my parents gave me a chance to get comfortable with money and learn to manage it when I was young.

Children need to learn to money management now, more than ever. When thinking about teaching our kids to be better planners it’s usually just a little and often too late. Financial education means teaching kids how to make good decisions that effect their well being and the community.

If we earn, give, save, and then spend, we control money. Because if we don’t control (the decisions about) money, then I can promise, Money will control us. As parents, we have to model financial management for our children in order for them to pick up the proper behaviors.

I worked hard to get my assets in order and make sure that I was financially literate, and I am proud to say that I have a comfortable understanding of how my future is going to look. I now also work with my friends and with folks younger than me to share and understand the importance of financial literacy.

I want my kids to earn money to learn the value of hard work and to generate cash for things they want. Only through work can I help teach them the difference between needs and wants.

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