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The term ‘Spending Plan’ is empowering because most people feel good about spending and YOU make the spending decisions, in advance, based upon your priorities. For many, the simple decision to use the term ‘Spending Plan’ will remove much or all of the anxiety of this financial planning process.

Your credit score helps lenders, creditors, landlords and some employers see how much risk they might take on by doing business with you, based on how you’ve managed credit. When your credit history and credit scores are positive, you may be offered more competitive rates and terms on loans and credit products.

I work as a branch manager for the nation’s largest personal lending company. I see firsthand how important financial education is.

If you don’t talk to your kids about money they’ll be adults who are scared of money or worse, adults that don’t interact with money wisely. That’s what happened to me until I decided “enough was enough.”

This is the true story of how my father introduced me to money and helped me become financially literate.

One way to encourage your kids to earn more and save more is to offer limited choices. If you give kids or anyone a large list of options they’re likely to opt out because they’d rather not make a decision.

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